HEMA Marriage

Nowadays every brand organises something around the Pride. However, HEMA really stuck out in this year’s advertisement storm. We believe that it’s important to take a stand. The HEMA marriage is a perfect example of why this works so well. We have given three couples from Eastern Europe - who can’t marry in their own country - the chance to openly declare their love to each other in the Netherlands. This created a massive impact.

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Disco Shopping
Dirk van den Broek, Warsteiner, Kaiser's, Coca-Cola

A lot of our daily activities can be a lot more fun. For example, grocery shopping. That is why we organised world’s first disco shopping in a supermarket! A collaboration between Dirk van den Broek, Warsteiner and Coca-Cola which attracted enormous media attention both national as international.

Because of the success and the persistent demand, we repeated the concept in Germany with Warsteiner and Kaiser's.

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Restaurant Exclusion
Liliane Foundation

The Liliane Foundation opens the world for children with a handicap in developing countries. A group which often face exclusion. 9 out of 10 children in Africa with a handicap don't even go to school. With this pop-up restaurant, where selected guest were excluded intentionally, we showed how odd exclusion for random reasons actually is.

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The Nightshop

For the first time in history, a HEMA was turned into a night shop. The HEMA Nightshop opened its doors when all the regular stores closed. The new mattress could be tested in the HEMA Nightshop. In the meantime, the fitting rooms allowed ‘secret’ entrance to the pyjama party, celebrating the new mattress!

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Tomato fight at Dam Square
Own concept - Siemens

In the summer of 2014, the Netherlands was confronted with an enormous surplus of tomatoes because of a Russian boycott. A disastrous scenario in which emotions were running high. In response to this, we made a statement and asked for attention in a playful way. We collaborated with Siemens by creating a big tomato fight at Dam Square in Amsterdam. We did this with 2,000 people, 200,000 tomatoes and eventually over 130 million impressions worldwide.

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Floating Bar
Tiger Beer

We organised a 5-day floating bar during SAIL Amsterdam with Tiger Beer. With a full program filled with creativity, it was the hotspot during the biggest nautical festival in the world.

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Own concept

A few days before Valentines we launched a rebellious service: Pleurop - send dead flowers to your (future) ex-lover. In the webshop, you could order one death flower, a silly letter or a lifeless bouquet. The concept was meant to be a sarcastic counter-message to the commercial holiday. It created millions of views and was the talked about Valentine’s Day promotion that year.

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That’s why I do it
Fit For Free

Besides six-packs and slim bodies, there’s other reasons to start working out. Most of the time it's the small things; to relax or to be able to keep playing football with your grandkids. That's why I do it! In this video campaign, we wanted to find out why Dutch celebrities work out.

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The ‘Geitenwollen Sokken’ Atelier

In Dutch we used the word 'geitenwollen sokken' both for goat-wool socks and as a metaphor for boring things. So it's no surprise that those 'Geitenwollen sokken' used to be known as boring and sustainable. But now, in a world where sustainability isn't boring anymore, 'geitenwollen sokken' aren't either. That's why you get a pair of real goat-wool socks as a gift when you switch to 100% sustainable energy. Together with Vandebron, we literally put the 'geitenwollen sokken' on a pedestal in this pop-up atelier.

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Bols Around the World

The cocktail competition of the year. Seven finalists, from all over the world, battled in Bols Around the World for the coveted price. As crowning glory to this project, the Reguliersdwarsstraat was transformed into the Bols Geneverstreet where every contestant had its own bar to present their cocktail show.

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More HEMA Bingo

We were challenged to make the 'one minute of free shopping' a big celebration in honour of the one-year existence of the 'more HEMA' customer card. BINGO!

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Playground CS
The city of Amsterdam

The city centre of Amsterdam lacks playgrounds for children. When a little bit of land was released, the municipality saw an opportunity to initiate a temporary experiment. They approached us, and other partners, to create a concept for children and young parents. The result: Playground CS! An urban beach and children’s playground.
In collaboration with Urban Space Agency, BFAS, Thijs Tauw, Amsterdam Verbindt and Ziggo.

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Flying Yogi

Be good to yourself! To achieve this, Optimel encourages everybody in the Netherlands to start with yoga. How? We organised events in the Netherlands, invited a beloved yogi, and flew her to all events in a helicopter to visit each one of them. If you weren't able to be there, you could follow the Facebook live stream or order a yoga starter pack at www.optimelyogadag.nl

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Peepshow at the Dam
Free a Girl

On April 4th, Holland’s first pop-up peep show shook up Amsterdam. Visitors were struck after a 14-year old girl entered the red-lit tent. This silent cry for help revealed itself as an awareness campaign for the Week against Child Prostitution by the foundation Free a Girl.

In collaboration with Mediaxplain.

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Uncage your Tiger
Tiger Beer

We were challenged to create commotion and a real brand experience around the tastiest beer from Asia. The Cage was a campaign in Amsterdam, Berlin and Paris with an online component, brand events and influencers who introduced the beer. #uncageyourtiger

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Everything is better with Chocomel…

To be honest, everything is better with Chocomel. We showed this in a series of videos, in which people were surprised at an unexpected moment with a delicious Chocomel.

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Max Verstappen Day

Hornbach, the proud sponsor of Max Verstappen, opened a new store in Amsterdam. Reason enough to invite Max and grant his fans a preview of the 2017 season. In the run-up to the event, fans could 'find' Max in the Hornbach store by playing an augmented reality game. In this way, they got to know the store and stand a chance at winning a meet and greet with Max Verstappen.

concept production
Celebrate Life

When the anniversary of Hollands biggest girls’ glossy was there, we couldn't let it pass by without celebrating. So our masculine team had to create and produce an amusing brand event concept.

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Code Yellow

Snow, storm and misery. Time to call Chocomel Code Yellow. When the meteorologist forecasted code yellow, our team headed out to warm up Chocomel fans.

concept production

How do you activate Chocomel during the Amsterdam Dance Event? Not by being at the festival, but by being there beforehand! The ferry (called 'pont' in Dutch) going from Amsterdam Central Station to the NDSM yard, is filled with festival visitors. On this ferry, we surprised the party people with a party ferry, the Partypont!

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